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Accommodation Before Start

If you are not able to arrive at Faldsled Harbour Wednesday or Thursday morning before the start, you have the chance to book accommodation and stay in Faldsled the night before. At Faldsled Strand Camping you will find Camp Fjällräven Classic Denmark. An area where you can meet other participants. Contact Faldsled Strand Campingpost@falsledstrandcamping.dk  and phone number +45 62681095 for further information and booking.

Alternatively, Faldsled Hostel can also be used as accommodation before start. For more information visit www.falsled.dk, contact mail@faldsled.dk or call +45 29902240 for booking. 

This is not included in your Fjällräven Classic Denmark application fee.

Note that it is possible to use check-in at Faldsled Strand Camping. Here you will receive what is included in your application fee, except food which will be handed out at the start. Check-in at Faldsled Strand Camping is open between 16-18 pm.


All participants have to visit the registration in the start area. The registration opens at 8 am both Wednesday (trek 1) and Thursday (trek 2).  Here you will receive your first checkpoint stamp in the Hiking Pass. At the registration you will receive food for the whole first day. After this, food will be provided at each camp. Primus Powergas will only be handed out at the registration and not later on the trek.