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When you arrive at Faldsled Harbor you will find check-in. The area will be well marked with banners and tents so it’s easy to find. Here you will be registered and receive all the equipment included in your admission fee. If you have extra baggage (max 5 kg.) in addition to your hiking-equipment that you want to avoid carrying, there will be a chance to have it transported to the finish line by Fjällräven volunteers.

If you arrive at Faldsled by car there will be a free parking area. There will be busses going from Valdemars Slot (finish) back to Faldsled Harbour Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Check-in is possible from:

Route 1: (28th – 30th of June)

Faldsled Strand Camping – Tuesday 27th of June between 16-18 pm. 
Faldsled Harbour - Wednesday 28th of June from 8 am

Route 2: (29th – 1st of July)

Faldsled Strand Camping – Wednesday 28th of June between 16-18 pm. 
Faldsled Harbour - Thursday 29th of June from 8 am

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