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Important information

Here you find all important information regarding Fjällräven Classic Denmark. 

Meeting place – Faldsled Harbor

On Faldsled Harbor you will find check-in. The area will be well marked with banners and tents so it’s very easy to find. At check in you will be registered and receive all the equipment included in your application fee. Note that water and food will be distributed at the camps and checkpoints.Participants arriving to Faldsled Wednesday can book accommodation at Camp Fjällräven Classic, which is located on Faldsled Strand Camping. Contact Faldsled Strand Camping (www.falsledstrandcamping.dk) for further information and booking. This is not included in your application fee.    

Registration/check in

All participants have to visit the registration in the start area. The registration opens at 8 am. At the registration an official will fill in your start time in your Hiking Pass and you will receive your first stamp in the Hiking Pass.  At the registration you will receive food for the first day. After this food will be provided at each camp. Gas will only be delivered at registration.

Transport from Valdemar Slot (finish line) and back to Faldsled (start area)

Bus transfer from Valdemar Slot to Faldsled is included in the registration fee.

The buses have the following departures:

Saturday: 7pm, 8pm and 9pm
Sunday: 8am
Sunday: 7pm, 8pm and 9pm
Monday: 8am

 At check-in you can sign up for the departure you wich to use, there can occur fully booked departure.

Safety Tag

At the start you will receive a Safety Tag. This tag, along with the Hiking Pass, serves to identify a person as a participant in Fjällräven Classic Denmark. The tag should be attached to the top of your backpack, so that it can be seen both from the front and from behind. The tag is also an aid for attracting attention in the event of an emergency.

Refill of food along the route

At the registration you receive food for the first day. After this food will be provided at each camp. Gas will only be delivered at registration.

Hiking Pass

You will receive your Hiking Pass at check in. The Hiking Pass is a small booklet that you carry during the walk. At start and finish your start and finish time respectively will be inserted in the pass by an official. At every checkpoint your Hiking Pass has to be stamped, there is a unique stamp at each checkpoint. At the finish the Hiking Pass will be checked.

Map and route

You will receive one map at check-in. The route you walk along is marked so orienteering is very easy. 


The Fjällräven Classic hike passes six checkpoints between Faldsled and Valdemar Slot. At every checkpoint your Hiking Pass has to be stamped by an official. You can find the officials in a tent at every checkpoint. In case of emergency the officials have to leave the tent, then the stamp may be placed outside the tent and you stamp the Hiking Pass yourself. 

At every checkpoint you can also find a ”guest book”. Please provide information about what time you passed. It is also possible to leave and read messages to and from other participants.


Drinking water will be found at every checkpoint and camp.

Road safety

For security reasons, you are not allowed to walk after 6 am and before 8 am. 

Sleeping accommodation

All sleeping accommodation will be in tents during the event. A tent may be shared by two or more participants. It is not allowed to camp/sleep other places then the one Fjällräven Classic Danmark have stated.

Waste handling and littering

You collect your trash (except human waste) produced during the walk in your Fjällräven Classic Denmark Trash Bag. The bag may be checked at the finish. It is absolutely prohibited to litter or leave waste along the trail or at checkpoints.

Walking with a dog

Remember to always keep your dog in a leash.

Safety and medical care along the route

Participation at Fjällräven Classic Denmark is at own risk. 

It is recommended to complement the mandatory first aid kit with pain reliever.

Remember to eat and drink sufficiently.

Contact the checkpoint officials in case of injury or disease. First aiders from Red Cross are present at each checkpoint and at the finish. They are equipped with a limited amount of first aid products and medications. In the case of emergency, call 112.

Only cases of medical emergency are being documented. Other examinations, certificates and insurance matters, ought to be handled by your regular medical service at home.

Fjällräven is not responsible to check every participant’s position along the route. In case of an incident the participants have to contact Fjällräven at +45 25 30 29 50. Generally there will be no organized search for people who have not reached the finish.

Abandoning the hike

If you decide to abandon the hike you have to contact the nearest checkpoint or call Fjällräven at +45 25 30 29 50.

Time limit

There is no formal time limit for completion of Fjällräven Classic. However, the checkpoints along the route are closed at the following times:

CP1: Østrupgaard3 pm
CP2: Holstenshuus6 pm
CP3: Præsten Skov3 pm
CP4: Egebjerghytten6 pm
CP5: Svendborgsundbroen3 pm
CP6: Valdemar Slot6 pm


When you cross the finish line at Valdemar Slot, we will celebrate a successful Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2014. You have the opportunity to be transported by bus back to Faldsled both Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The Fjällräven Classic Denmark medal

All participants completing Fjällräven Classic Denmark will receive a medal after finish.