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Packing list

Once the preparation is done, it's time to pack your backpack for the trip. It's a good idea to pack in time for a long walk. When departure is approaching, it is time to check your equipment, test all the practical details and test-pack your backpack. Read here the list of things, we typically bring to Fjällräven Classic Denmark.

Classic Packing list

Typically 65 to 75 liter backpacks are large enough if you share a tent and burner between two. The following list below is based on a 3-4 day hike during summer.

Product Tips:
Kajka 75
Kajka 65 W (lady)
Abisko 75

Sleep well

• A sleeping bag that can keep you warm down between 5 and 10 degrees.
• A sleeping mat (possibly with reparation kit).
• A tent - maybe your partner brings the tent and you the burner.

If possible bring ekstra strong pegs for the tent/bivuak

Product  Tips:
Abisko Lightweight 2 (tent)
Sarek Two Seasons (sleeping bag)
Abisko Two Seasons (sleeping bag)

Food and liquids

• A burner and pots. Fuel. Matches or a lighter and a sponge or cloth for cleaning kitchenware. We recommend gas. Gas will be handed out at check-in.
• A bowl, a mug and two spoons per person. (one in reserve)
• A small lightweight bottle , approximately 0,5 liters.
• Extra personal snacks can be brought if necessary

Product Tips:
Primus Eta Express (fine size for two persons)

Personal equipment 

• A small knife and scissors
• Toiletry-bag  with necessities (toothbrush, soap and personal hygiene)
• Small towel
• Sunglasses 
• Sunscreen 

Safety and navigation

• Map and compass
• First-aid kit containing blister pathes and ordinary band-aids (can be shared)
• Small LED-headlight with fresh batteries

Clothes to pack 

• 3 pairs of socks

• One or two pairs of underwear

• Sandals or sneakers (for the evening)

• Cap or sun hat

• Rainwear: rain jacket or shell jacket with a hood and rain pants (Hydratic or Gore-Tex membrane products works well)

• Warm fleece or warm top with down or synthetic interior. If you have a tendency to get cold bring an extra layer with you. You can always use it as a pillow when sleeping.

• A rain-cover for your backpack

Clothes to wear

Put on underwear, trekking pants (zip-off pants is a good idea), a top or shirt, socks and hiking boots. If it’s cold, put on a warm fleece. If it’s windy, put on your shelljacket. If it is both, put on your warm layer and rain wear.

Produkt Tips:
Keb Trousers
Keb Trousers W (dame)
Abisko Trousers