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Mandatory equipment

• Tent* or part in tent
• Stove* and fuel*
• Sleeping mattress (minimum 5 mm thick, at least as long as your back)
• Sleeping bag (not sleeping bag cover)
• Map & compass
• Fjällräven Classic Trash Bag
• Wind/waterproof jacket with hood
• First aid kit (at least elastic bandage, blister pads, compresses and tape)*


Accommodation will take place in tents during the hike. Fjällräven Classic Danmark advise that the regulation of Naturturisme I/S to be respected. It is not allowed to camp/sleep other places then the one Fjällräven Classic Danmark have stated.

It is not allowed to:
• Sleep in cabins
• Cook in the tents


It is absolutely prohibited to litter or leave waste along the trail, at the check-points, the route or campsites. After finish your Fjällräven Trash Bag, in which you collect your waste produced during the walk, may be checked. 


Stamps received in your Hiking Pass from all the check-points passed during the course of the event must be presented at the finish.



Breach of the littering rules will result in an immediate disqualification from Fjällräven Classic and the offender will be prohibited from participation in any future Fjällräven events. Furthermore, Fjällräven Classic refer to the Danish Nature Protection Laws.

Other violations of the rules

The participant will not receive a Classic medal at the finish.