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Rules and mandatory equipment

During Fjällräven Classic Denmark you will carry all the equipment you need to complete the hike. If you have additional baggage that you need transported to the finish line, Fjällräven volunteers can freight it if absolutely necessary. This baggage should be:

• Clearly marked with your name
• Weight max 5 kg
• The transport is at your own risk.

This baggage can only be handed over at check-in before the beginning of the event and handed back at the end of the trek.

For safety reasons, a list of mandatory equipment that you carry through the whole trek to complete the hike has been prepared. We provide food, gas, a map and a Hiking Pass, that needs stamping at every checkpoint and camp. 
At every checkpoint and camp Red Cross staff will be present to help with minor injuries like blisters you might have acquired during the trek.   

Mandatory equipment

• Tentor a part in a shared tent – alternatively bivouacs or similar is additionally possible
• Stove/burnerand fuel* - we recommend Primus PowerGas-burner* (Gas will be handed out at check-in if you have a gas-type burner.)
• Sleeping matt/mattress (minimum 5 mm thick, at least the same lenght as your back.)
• Sleeping bag
• Map & compass (you will receive a marked map at check-in.)
• Fjällräven Classic Trash Bag (will be handed out)
• Hiking Pass (will be handed out)
• First aid kit (at least containing elastic bandages, blister pads, compresses and tape – different painkillers are advised)

*The equipment can be shared with another participant.

Hiking Pass

You will receive your Hiking Pass at check-in. The Hiking Pass is a small booklet that you carry during the hike. At every checkpoint and camp your Hiking Pass has to be stamped. At the finish the Hiking Pass will be checked for all stamps.


Your Hiking Pass should be stamped at all 3 checkpoints and all 3 camps. Stamps received in your Hiking Pass from all checkpoints passed during the trek must be presented at the finish.


The Fjällräven Classic Denmark hike passes through 3 checkpoints and 3 camps between Faldsled (start) and Valdemars Slot (finish line). At every checkpoint your Hiking Pass has to be stamped by an official. You can find the officials in or by a tent at every checkpoint. In case of an emergency or extraordinary situation where the officials have to leave the tent, the stamp will be placed outside the tent so you can stamp the Hiking Pass yourself. 

At every checkpoint you will also find a guest book. This is for you to leave and/or read messages for and from other participants and we very much encourage you to do so if you feel like it.

Refill of food along the route

At check-in you will receive food for the first day. After this, food will be provided at each camp. Gas will only be handed out at check-in.


Drinking water will be found at every checkpoint and camp.

Map and route

You will receive your map at check-in. The route you follow is clearly marked on the map so that orientation should be easy. 


Accommodation will only take place in tents, bivouacs or similar during the hike. Fjällräven Classic Denmark advises that the Danish regulation of Naturturisme I/S is respected. It is only allowed to camp/sleep at the camp Fjällräven Classic Denmark has stated that given day (not at any other checkpoints). This is a restriction under Danish law that unlike Swedish ‘free for all’ camping is regulated under Naturturisme I/S in respect of hunting season and private land and property. For us this means better community, companionship and possibilities for sharing the experiences of the hike.

Trek 1:

Camp 1 (Day 1, Wednesday 28th June) - Holstenshuus
Camp 2 (Day 2, Thursday 29th June) - Egebjerg
Camp 3 (Day 3, Friday 30th June) - Valdemars Slot

Trek 2:

Camp 1 (Day 1, Thursday 29th June) - Holstenshuus
Camp 2 (Day 2, Friday 30th June) - Egebjerg
Camp 3 (Day 3, Saturday 1st July) - Valdemars Slot

Remember when started is not possible to change ‘trek’.

Cooking area, IMPORTANT!

New rules from the fire authorities. It is no longer allowed to have open fire between the tents. It is therefore very important to use the cooking area! Violation of this rule will result in disqualification.

Bath facilities

Be aware that there will be no bathing or shower facilities on the entire trip. We urge you to take a dip in the sea instead, if you feel like it.

Safety Tag

At the start you will receive a Safety Tag. This tag, along with the Hiking Pass, serves to identify a person as a participant in Fjällräven Classic Denmark. The tag should be attached to the top of your backpack, so that it can be seen both from the front, from behind and above. The tag is also an aid for attracting attention in case of an emergency.

Safety and medical care along the route

Participation in Fjällräven Classic Denmark is at your own risk. 

It is recommended to complement the mandatory first aid kit with pain relievers of different kinds.

Remember to eat and drink sufficiently.

Contact the checkpoint officials in case of injury or disease. First aiders from Red Cross are present at each checkpoint, camp and finish area. They are equipped with a limited amount of first aid products and medications. In case of emergency, call 112.

Only cases of medical emergency will be documented. Other examinations, certificates and insurance matters, ought to be handled by your regular medical service at home.

Fjällräven is not responsible for checking every participant’s position along the route. In case of an incident the participants have to contact Fjällräven on the number in your Hiking Pass. Generally there will be no organized search for people who have not reached the finish.

Leaving the route and abandoning the hike

If you decide to abandon the hike you have to contact the nearest checkpoint or call Fjällräven at the number stated in your Hiking Pass.

In case of injury or disease Fjällräven staff can help you with transport to the nearest station. Please note that this is only possible in the evening. If you want to leave the hike during the day, Fjällräven staff cannot help you with transportation.

Time limit

There is no formal time limit for completing Fjällräven Classic Denmark except for the maintenance of the hiking restrictions before 8 am and after 7 pm. However, the checkpoints along the trek are closed at the following times, so we advise you to respect the deadlines for each checkpoint, but do not demand you to hurry for this purpose. The following deadlines are only indicative except for the 7 pm deadlines which you should meet:

CP1: Østrupgaard 3 pm
CP2: Holstenshuus 7 pm
CP3: Præsten Skov 3 pm
CP4: Egebjerg 7 pm
CP5: Svendborgsundbroen 3 pm
CP6: Valdemars Slot 7 pm

Fjällräven Classic Denmark will go through private land and property. In respect of the landowners’ interests, including hunting season, it is only allowed to walk between 8 am and 7 pm.


When you cross the finish line at Valdemars Slot, we will celebrate a successful Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2017. 

The Fjällräven Classic Denmark medal

All participants that complete Fjällräven Classic Denmark will receive a medal at the finish.

Waste handling and littering

You collect your trash (except human waste) produced during the walk in your Fjällräven Classic Denmark Trash Bag. The bag may be checked at the finish line. It is absolutely prohibited to litter or leave waste along the trail, at camps or at checkpoints. Littering will result in an immediate disqualification from Fjällräven Classic Denmark.

Walking with a dog

Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2014, 2015 and 2016 had several four-legged companions completing the hike. This year they are also very welcome. Although, remember always to keep your dog in a leash in respect of other animals and participants.



Breach of the littering rules will result in an immediate disqualification from Fjällräven Classic Denmark and the offender will be prohibited from participation in any future Fjällräven events. Furthermore, Fjällräven Classic Denmark refers to the Danish Nature Protection Laws.

Other violations of the rules

The participant will not receive a Fjällräven Classic medal at the finish.