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You should not participate in Fjällräven Classic Denmark, if you have problems with your back, knees or other complications, since the trip in such cases can be very demanding and hard on your body. Remember to be fully rested before you leave home for Classic Denmark. We recommend at least eight hours of sleep before driving.

Fjällräven Classic Denmark is an outdoor event and participation is at own risk.

Cooking area, IMPORTANT!

New rules from the fire authorities. It is no longer allowed to have open fire between the tents. It is therefore very important to use the cooking area! Violation of this rule will result in disqualification.

During the trip

Although we have people along the route and at all checkpoints and camps, you are still on your own most of the time. Do not take any unnecessary risks. Stop when you are tired, eat when you're hungry and drink water regularly. There will be water posts at each checkpoint and camps. Do not cook your food in your tent - do it outside.

On the majority of the route, there is no access for vehicles. In the event of injury or illness, you need to contact the Samaritans at a checkpoint and camps first. Fjällräven is not responsible for checking each participant's position along the route. In the event of exiting the trip, you need to contact Fjällräven by phone (the number will be provided at check-in and in your Hiking Pass). In general, there will not be searched for people who have not reached the finish line.

Health Care

All checkpoints and camps are staffed with medical personnel that are first-aid certified.

Good to bring

You do not need to have the latest in outdoor equipment, but all hikers should have a warm sweater, and a sleeping bag in their backpack. You should also have a first aid kit containing bandages, plasters, blister patches and any personal medications, painkillers, etc., if necessary. Taking prescription drugs is at your own risk.

Exiting Fjällräven Classic Danmark

If you decide to leave Fjällräven Classic Denmark, contact the nearest checkpoint, or call Fjällräven on the number provided at check-in and in your Hiking Pass.

Road safety

Fjällräven Classic Denmark will tread on private land and property. In respect of the landowners’ interests, including hunting season, it is only allowed to walk between 8 am to 9 pm.


In Danish woods ticks can occur in the warmer periods of the year. Ticks are mites that live in Danish forests that suck small amounts of blood from animals and humans. The very small but visible ticks are active from April till October, and have their main season from June to August. A tick is not dangerous in it-self, but can carry on the Borrelia bacteria. If ticks are allowed to stick to the skin for long, the bacteria can be transmitted to humans, and develop into the disease Borelioso, which can be dangerous if not detected in time. Therefore, it is important that care is taken daily to check if you have ticks - often around the warmer and sweatier body areas, such as the crotch, elbow caves, armpits and knees. If this is checked on a daily basis after hiking, there is nothing to fear.

If you bring your dog, make sure to also check them for possible ticks under the fur. As most Danish dog owners know ticks are a reoccurring phenomenon on animals that often move around in woods and scrub.


Fjällräven Classic Denmark is an outdoor event and your participation is at your own risk.  

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