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The Stages of Fjällräven Classic Denmark

Fjällräven Classic Denmark is a hike through South Funens beautiful scenery. During the trip, you will pass some of the most beautiful natural areas in Denmark. Below you can read a brief description of the different stages of Fjällräven Classic Denmark.

Start area: Faldsled Harbour

Checkpoint 1: Østrupgaard
Camp 1: Holstenshuus
Checkpoint 2: Præsten Skov
Camp 2: Egebjerg
Checkpoint 3: Svendborgsundbroen
Finish/Camp 3: Valdemars Slot

Faldsled Havn - Østrupgaard

This stage takes you through the skipper town Faldsled, past the main yard Steensgaard and over the highpoint Trebjerg. With a top set 128 meters above sea level, Trebjerg has a good view over Helnæs bay, Als, the southern mainland of Jutland and indeed over large parts of Funen. 

Østrupgaard – Holstenshuus

From Østrupgaard you arrive at Svanninge Hills, a natural landscape and historical monument. Here you can see what Denmark has looked like at various periods after the last ice age. The area is one of the island's most hilly landscapes. Here you will also pass Lerbjerg - Funens fourth highest point.

After these first 26 km, we will pitch camp at Holstenshuus. 

Holstenshuus – Præsten Skov

This stage takes you past both sea and coast. From Nakkebølle Lake you quickly get to the shore, where you among other things, go past the charming marina, Fjællebroen. From here we head on along the coast until reaching the checkpoint at  Præsten Forest. 

Præsten Skov - Egebjerg

In this stage you leave the coast and go into the countryside again. You leave the coast through Præsten Forest - a small, beautiful and protected forest. From Præsten Forest you get to Syltemade Valley.  A wet area, that lies by open pastures, areas with haymaking and small woods. A valley, where you can almost forget, that you are not out in the wilderness.

We pitch camp for the night at Egebjerg. 

Egebjerg – Svendborgsundbroen

From Egebjerg you pass Egebjerg Mill, Hvidklide Lake, over the ridge at Egense and the old railway track towards Svendborg. Here you come back and walk along the coast, where you among other things, pass Skt. Jørgens Church - a nice well maintained whitewashed church with a red tile roof. The check point can be found by Svendborgsund Bridge - the bridge that connects Funen with Taasinge.

Svendborgsundbroen – Valdemars Slot

You walk along Svendborgsundbroen. The road can be very busy, so be careful, before you cross the bridge. Once in Taasinge you get to Vindeby - a small and cozy ferry town. From there, you walk the last kilometers to Valdemars Castle.

Final Party

When the goal at Valdemars Castle is reached we will have a party with a buffet, live music and beverages to celebrate a successful Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2016! Here family and friends, that have received you, can also join the celebration.

After the party it will be possible to stay overnight in our camp till Saturday (trek 1) and Sunday (trek 2).

Buffet and drinks are not included in the application fee. Buffet price for adults is 158,- DDK and 100,-  DDK for children. – It will be possible to use credit card as payment method.